Cats and Destructive Behaviour

Most cats don’t intentionally engage in destructive behavior, however some cats seem to have the ability to get into everything. Whether this is your cat’s nature or whether they are just bored and looking for something to keep them busy and entertained when you are gone, there are […]

Clean Those Teeth!

Keys Ideas: Brush your cats teeth to avoid gum disease and other health problems – this is a hugely under-realized health consideration and is as important as us brushing our teeth The bacteria that cause dental disease are the same bacteria that can travel throughout your cat’s system […]

Water is very Important for Cat Health

Key Takeaways: Water intake is important Please try to feed more wet food than dry kibble Cats prefer their water source slightly away from their food “Water Water Everywhere” – placing numerous water bowls is a must Stay away from plastic bowls Water intake is as important for […]

Rio’s Story

Part One – Rio’s Arrival: I had always wanted a dog; which seems a very odd thing to open with for a story about Rio, my gorgeous siamese cat. However, when I was young this was the case. I filled my  walls with pictures of German Shepherds and […]