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Let’s Go for a Walk! YEY

Why should dogs have all the fun? Many indoor cats would love to go outside and enjoy the sun but it is often far too dangerous to let them simply wander about as they please. Busy roads, large dogs and careless people are hazards many of us don’t want our cats exposed to. So why not teach him to walk on a leash?

Socializing Kittens!

Socializing kittens is probably one of the most enjoyable parts of raising cats. Introducing them to people will make a huge impact on their lives. Even if they are barn cats and never leave the farm they were born on. Being friendly and relaxed with people will improve the quality […]

9 of the most interesting personality cat breeds…

9 of the most interesting personality cat breeds…Let me start by saying all cats are amazing and fantastic pets, I love them all, and that is why I’m devoting some of my time to writing about them to offer help and advice, and also by donating funds and time to cat charities and re-homing shelters. This is very important to me.All cats need and deserve our love and time. So if you cant offer basic needs please don’t get a cat (please have a read of my article on basic cat needs). However, if you are looking for a kitty with personality and va-va-voom factor, look no further than this list.

Cats and Destructive Behaviour

Most cats don’t intentionally engage in destructive behavior, however some cats seem to have the ability to get into everything. Whether this is your cat’s nature or whether they are just bored and looking for something to keep them busy and entertained when you are gone, there are […]

Clean Those Teeth!

Keys Ideas: Brush your cats teeth to avoid gum disease and other health problems – this is a hugely under-realized health consideration and is as important as us brushing our teeth The bacteria that cause dental disease are the same bacteria that can travel throughout your cat’s system […]

Water is very Important for Cat Health

Key Takeaways: Water intake is important Please try to feed more wet food than dry kibble Cats prefer their water source slightly away from their food “Water Water Everywhere” – placing numerous water bowls is a must Stay away from plastic bowls Water intake is as important for […]

Rio’s Story

Part One – Rio’s Arrival: I had always wanted a dog; which seems a very odd thing to open with for a story about Rio, my gorgeous siamese cat. However, when I was young this was the case. I filled my  walls with pictures of German Shepherds and […]